Project Inspiration for Giving Tuesday

I love to use my skills to benefit others

pictured is me crocheting at Dallas Margarita Ball which is a big local party that is also a charitable event

This post has been a long time coming. What can I say? I’m not the best at this blogging thing even though I went to college for Mass Communication Journalism. As long as I’ve been a crafter, I have enjoyed gifting handmade. Once I became a yarnie, I found charities to make for — and people often ask me what places I suggest.

It brings me joy to have the opportunity to take time every year to use my skills to give back. It humbles me to be able to help others feel loved. May you find inspiration to “make” it forward as well.

Charities I love

Most of these organizations I just happened upon. They spoke to me in some way to contribute at those times in my life, usually more than once.

Here’s the quick list

These are not listed in any particular order; however, I stand by them all as I have had personal experiences with each of these organizations.

  • Knitted Knockers
  • Feel Better Friends
  • Warm Up America
  • Hat Not Hate
  • Woolly Wishes
  • NoodlyKnits Hat Drive
  • Children With Hair Loss

Why I love these charities

Knitted Knockers: My MIL is a breast cancer survivor, and I got to witness how important our breasts can be to our identity. These handmade knitted or crocheted knockers are softer on scarred skin, are lighter than the traditional provided prosthetic, and washable. Personally, I contributed to an Indiana group because I once worked with a gal whose mother did volunteer work with this specific group. There are several other Knitted Knocker groups, and you can mail directly to the Knitted Knockers organization, too. They offer knit and crochet patterns, as well, as, a list of accepted yarns (these are vetted to be effective for the recipients).

Feel Better Friends: I am actually still in the volunteer process for this. They have a Facebook group where you can ask questions and share a sample doll to get accepted as an official volunteer. You’re supposed to use their pattern and have a picture of someone you’re making into doll form. I’m struggling because I don’t really have someone to make for. However, I did use their pattern to make a little girl who was ill a doll that had a wig like her.

Warm Up America: This is actually an organization local to me. They accept soap sacks, hats, scarves, blankets, and 7″ x 9″ sections to be made into various size blankets. I have contributed all the things, but I am proud to say I actually completed a goal of a box of 500 sections. This was a valuable way to stash bust.

Hat Not Hate: As a child, I experienced bullying, so when Shira created this organization during the pandemic, I felt very moved to contribute blue hats and make it a point to do so every year.

Woolly Wishes: I believe I came across this organization through KnittyNatty. They accept nearly everything imaginably handmade to support displaced children.

NoodlyKnits Hat Drive: Sunnie’s uncle runs a cancer treatment hospital in Gwangju, South Korea. As a Korean American, it makes me feel closer to my heritage to be able to contribute to this.

Children With Hair Loss: This is not fiber related, but they deserve to be in this list. I feel blessed to be able to contribute every 2-3 years.

Other suggested charities

I have also heard of Project Linus, Operation Gratitude, Spreading the Warmth and KnitWits, although I haven’t actually participated in them. I have contributed baby hats to local hospitals, so if none of these organizations speak to you, it’s worth searching what the needs are local to you.

Overall, I would say giving back is somewhat of a form of therapy for me. I can think positive thoughts and send good vibes through each stitch.

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Thanks for reading about my charity suggestions!


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