My fave nine Summer Must Have Lion Brand Kits

Perfect tank for the Summer heat

No surprise, I’m falling in hard with Lion Brand Yarn. Summer was once my all-time fave season. Although I’ve quickly morphed into a Fall gal (cuz hello pumpkin spice everything), I will forever and always love the fiber content that becomes more accessible during warmer seasons. Last year, I designed my Boater Striped Cardigan for Lion Brand’s—Summer Must Haves—which works as a great transitional piece. Or, if it’s anything like Texas where you’re at, a piece that’s great to keep in your car just in case the air condition is flowing strong wherever you go.

I was fortunate to have been inspired to make my Shoulder Shift Tank and be included in Lion Brand’s promotion again this year. This design is an easy beginner knit garment or meditative project for any skill level. It can be worn loosely off one shoulder or adorned to be a one sleeve tank. It’s versatile qualities allow you to go from the pool to dinner…

… Basically, it’s the perfect tank for the Summer heat.

It has a loose fit with no shaping. The one sleeve design provides freedom to move. Made with the suggested Lion Brand Truboo provides ideal drape.


If you’re anything like me, you like to know all the details behind-the-scenes, like the inspiration behind a design. For this particular design, I started browsing Pinterest when I received the email about this upcoming promotion. Glam is my aesthetic. I like to find a lot of inspiration from fashion and unique trends. With those things in mind, I start the journey down the Pinterest rabbit hole with search words like fashionable summer tops, 2022 summer trends, summer glam vibes, summer tanks, etc.

Beautiful landscape
Pictured is my original submission alongside the finished Shoulder Shift Tank ruched with a hair clip.

In that process, I saw this one-sleeve tank that I felt could give me an opportunity to finally work with Lion Brand Truboo yarn. Initially, I imagined the tank with a twist on the one shoulder. As I worked it, I realized I did not like the bulk that created. With some trial & error, I landed on this ability to wear your tank ruched or relaxed.

my fave nine kits

Okay, so, obviously, MY kit is my fave. And technically, I reeled you into this post to share some of the other makers (some of which I call friends). The Summer Must Haves collection actually has a total of 15 contributors — browse them all through the link at the end of this post.

In no particular order, here are my fave 8 kits (affiliate links are provided. When you use them, I get a small commission at no cost to you):

design details

As I said before, I’m all about the fiber contents with these Summer Must Haves aka I am obsessed with cottons and bamboos. These kits are made with these specific yarns:


LB Collection Cotton Bamboo,

24/7 Cotton,


Available on

Whether you knit, crochet or tunisian crochet, you can find a project within your craft & skill level.

Besides just the design element here, this is a collection of real-life humans who have added value to this yarn community. I’ve been fortunate to actually meet both Janine’s, Lo, Meghan & Natalie in real fleshy form. I feel like I’ve already met Brianna because we’ve built such a close relationship online nearly since the beginning of my testing & designing experience. I’m part of a cool group that virtually meets weekly which formed from testing for Stephanie and we were so close to physically meeting last October but ya know the “panini” and Canada borders. I hope to meet Abigail one day because I love seeing fellow AAPI in this yarnie world.

Be aware that LB collection is only available online. I’m grateful that Lion Brand provides quality yarns at an affordable price. And I always share when there’s a good extra special they’re running — it’s best to follow my Instagram stories.


Back onto my Shoulder Shift Tank. I have to give special shout-outs to my testers. They came through to complete the task in a small timeframe — and lemme tell you, this design is a lot of “just keep knitting.” While this project is the most beginner-friendly pattern I’ve created to date, the Truboo was unpredictable to me. I found joy in seeing that it also worked for others:

Here is Shari @shariwagnerofficial in Aqua & Tiffany @typicallyknitting in Slate:

Shari made a size S and used 540 yards. Tiffany made a size XS and used 562 yards.

I also made a size S and almost used 3 full skeins in the colorway Rose.

Another one of my testers made a size M, two-tone green version and used 702 yards. She made a great point that I couldn’t resist sharing:

This is the Perfect Top for someone to make when they are ready to graduate from scarves.

Kelly @itsinstitches

If you want to see more about my Shoulder Shift Tank, I have a vlog, where I discuss more details, head over to my YouTube Channel.

Thanks for reading about this journey!


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