Lessons For New Crocheters from The perspective of a veteran

My Maker Story

I wish I could say it has been an easy, interesting story because that would sure make a good read; but I’ll let you know right now, I am not as picture perfect as it may seem sometimes — i have missed opportunities and made things harder on myself along the way. If you’re a new crocheter, may this post be a lesson for you to learn from my experiences.

I have pretty much been creative my whole life — i remember being gifted so many paint kits, coloring tools, friendship bracelet kits, etc. I mean, that was the hype then. I also remember using construction paper to make murals of people . . .

… now, that really makes me creative, right?

None of that really explains where my obsession with yarn happened. So, I guess, I’ll get to that now since that’s why you’re really here — or at least i hope so.

My first project

To understand my story, you have to know that I was born into a military family, which means our family moved a lot. Fortunately, i got to go to one high school for the full 4 years in Charleston, SC. Immediately after graduating, we moved to Rowlett, TX. I had no friends, wasted a summer, then went to college. With no car, no cell phone and no friends, i spent all of my free time volunteering for everything & attending all the social gatherings; yet, i still had more down time and a massive desire to learn. So, i began the journey of teaching myself everything possible (to include: multiple languages, piano, guitar). Then, I saw people in my hall with yarn, so i decided to try crochet. This was 2003-2004; YouTube and blogs were primitive compared to the resources they are now.

The first thing I ever finished was what we will refer to as a mini-scarf.

As you can tell, it was FAR FROM PERFECT.


I literally did double crochet FOR YEARS.

One Christmas, I collected everyone’s favorite colors and made everyone i knew personal-size color-blocked blankets.

Lessons I learned:

  • I didn’t know what it was called then, but my tension built and my double crochet stitches became more uniform.
  • At the beginning i struggled with maintaining width, so I realized i needed to count my stitches & recognize the first and last stitch.
  • This is when i found how addicting & time-consuming playing with yarn is – i began to crochet everywhere.
  • I still did not do it the best way, but i figured out how to change colors & weave in ends.
  • As i braved following patterns, I had to learn how to read them and what each abbreviation meant.
  • Many years later, I started to realize the differences in hook & yarn sizes.

Yarn Friends Are the best friends

In the midst of growing my yarn obsession, I started an only yarn-related Instagram & found friends. Before I knew it, i also found local friends.

Di – Ver – si -ty


Many hearts, One community

I taught my bestie to crochet so I could have someone to share all the experiences with. Luckily, she has gotten just as carried away with it. We literally use yarn as the excuse for all our meetups & vacations.

In 2017, somehow local yarn shops dawned on me, and I found my first crochet friend through a yarn crawl. I feel so blessed to have met many more local yarnies since then.

I highly suggest doing all the things to try to find a local community: teach your friends, check out your local craft stores, or maybe even Ravelry.

One of AKate was born

In 2013, the name One of AKate was born from a play on words so I could sell on Etsy. Needless to say, i have never made, not even one sale. Over the course of time, i have somewhat unintentionally built a brand which was kind of like finding myself. Although I can do all sorts of yarn crafts, crochet will always be my number one, and all things glam bring me joy – so #crochetisglam has become my signature.

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

It’s so cliche to say, but crochet is not just meant for grandmas. Fortunately, many designers have paved the way for modern crochet & changed the view so much so that fashion brands are replicating the style.

I’ve always had design ideas in my head but never had the confidence to allow myself to work the yarn without a pattern. My community peer pressured me into taking the leap. September of 2018, i released my first pattern which lives @bluemulefiber.

While i have realized it isn’t my most fave thing to do, i have also gained more confidence in knowing my abilities with this craft.

The biggest lesson that i have learned through all this is that:

You can only go as far as you push yourself

I would love to be Instagram friends.

Thanks for reading my story!


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